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depression - Elle Bradley MarkhamIf you are suffering from feelings of depression, it is most likely that you are spending a lot of your energy reliving past events. Feelings of depression may be identified as feelings of intense sadness, discouragement, remorse, guilt and/or despair. Generally depression is a state of “learned helplessness” meaning that the person suffering from depression has come to believe that he/she has little to any control over his/her life circumstances and suffer as a result of feeling like there is “nothing he/she can do.”

Depression can be alleviated by “tweaking” negative thoughts toward thoughts that improve mood but are still realistic to the person experiencing them. Negative thoughts are repeated thoughts that have become core beliefs. Feelings of depression can further be alleviated by practicing strategies such as mindfulness and present moment awareness. Both of these strategies are examined and practiced in therapy sessions (with Elle) in order to learn how to manage one’s symptoms of depression outside of therapy sessions.

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