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addictionAddiction is a by-product of using alcohol or substances as a way to cope with emotional pain. Emotional pain stems from spiritual discord or imbalance. If you are using substances to alleviate emotional pain, you are most likely avoiding your spiritual nature. You may feel that there is little meaning to life, that you are spending your energy doing things that you don’t enjoy or that you are trapped in a situation, all of which create a gap between your self identity and the identity of your true or divine self.

Of course, over time, addiction has physical manifestations. This happens when one’s body adapts to the use of alcohol or substances on a regular basis. Like thoughts that are thought often enough that they become core beliefs, substances used often enough become core habits which can be difficult to break, particularly because they are accompanied by mood-altering effects.

Ways to eliminate addiction include changing the habitual pattern of drinking or using by replacing it with other activities as well as processing the emotional issues that are holding the person captive to the addiction. Exploring core beliefs assimilated during childhood is a first step toward examining one’s self perception and his/her feelings of self worth. This is done in a therapeutic setting (with Elle) by releasing negative thought patterns from childhood and directing these thought patterns back to where they originated.

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