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Why Spiritual Awakening Happens: The Mind Dream

Do you ever wonder why spiritual awakening happens?

Awakening is the process of “waking up” from the unconscious pattern of mind activity that adopts beliefs from society and from others that do not support the deeper part of who we truly are and why we came to this planet in the first place.

Awakening is a process of recognizing that we exist as both a physical and a non-physical being at the same time. When we get lost in our thoughts on a continual basis, we come to believe that we only exist as a physical entity, and as such, we get lost in our mind’s activity. This limits us from recognizing the deeper dimension of our non physical existence.

When this happens, we resist the sacred and the divine spirit that resides in all of us. Instead, we live solely by what is happening on the physical plane and we live in a constant stream of what can seem like “meaningless” activity. In fact, you, yourself, may have even questioned the point of existing this way from time to time.

I have questioned this many times myself, wondering what sense it makes to just exist for the sake of partaking in endless tasks. It seems meaningless, but what is worse is that it feels empty. I’m sure most of you can relate to this feeling of emptiness. For most, it plays in the background like an undercurrent to be avoided at all costs creating more motivation for distractions and creating more endless “mind” and “doing” activity.

The process of awakening, for me, has helped me to “awaken” to the memory of who I truly am and why I have chosen to come here. It has allowed me to touch the deeper aspect of myself and to feel the aliveness and peace that resides within me.

Like unlocking a cage, it has allowed me to step outside of my mind driven reality and sink into the sensation of my inner being. Suddenly, what seems dull and lifeless in the world seems vibrant and beautiful.  Memories of my forgotten past and sensations from childhood flood my being  as I re-experience a time when I was connected to my inner self, when I was in touch with my divine spirit, when I was spontaneous and creative, when I could hear my feet walking on the pavement or splashing through a puddle. What on earth happened to these memories and sensations in the first place?

As I grappled with this idea, I realized that through the endless mind-driven need to uphold what I thought was important, I had created my own resistance toward my inner being. This caused me to believe that past experiences were just lost memories and that childhood was an illusion. What I wasn’t recognizing was that the way I was currently living my life was actually the illusion. People call it “adulthood,” which is really just another way of saying “losing touch with your own authenticity.”

How I came to re-align with my inner being is by creating space around me. ..space to remember who I was and to reconnect with who I have always been… space that allowed me to “be” as well as to “do,” and space that allowed for clarity and creativity to shine through.

Awakening is a process of becoming aware of the delusion that we are simply egoic physical beings attached to a life story. It allows us to embrace the deeper part of ourselves so that we can experience freedom from this egoic state.

You might ask yourself why would people want to search for freedom from their ego? After all, we came into this existence with an ego so it must serve some sort of purpose?

I believe that the purpose of the ego is to suffer enough so that we feel compelled to search for our true self, our divine self and our true nature. It is, in this process, that we spiritually awaken from the ego’s delusion of what it thinks we are, and awaken to, who we truly are…a limitless, unified, and evolving consciousness that many refer to as the energy and the totality of our closest understanding of God.


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