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Taking back YOUR Power: Experience Calmness

Have you ever wondered why you feel easily triggered by other people’s reactions? Do you feel repeatedly upset with your reaction to what others say and do. If you answered yes to these questions, it is most likely that you feel dis-empowered…meaning that you don’t feel in control of your emotional reactions.

This happens when we are disengaged from the present. When we are not aligned with the life force, which is the energy that aligns with the present moment, we are allowing our mind to make judgments and assumptions of what other people are doing and saying. As a result, it can feel like we are constantly reacting to these judgments and assumptions in a continuous loop. Until we awaken with consciousness to this pattern, it will be a repetitive cycle.

In order to take control of this, we need to take control of our mind by living in the present and aligning with the life force which is where our true self resides. Our true self is the self that we were before others decided who we should be. If we do not consciously make efforts to align with our true self, we essentially continue to be puppets of our mind’s judgments which are simply illusions based on how others have defined us.

To take back our power, we need to accept whatever is happening in the present so that we don’t resist the life force which is where our power resides. In order to reclaim our personal power, we need to stay focused on the present as much as possible. This is going to disconnect us from the mind activity that wants to keep feeding us in the illusion of what others think we should be.

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