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Becoming Conscious

Many people, including myself, are becoming conscious of the delusion that the ego self portrays in relation to our higher or true self. For one, the ego self is comprised of beliefs that have become thought forms governing our behavior regardless of their impact on our higher self. This unconscious pattern, and it is a pattern, predicts certain life choices that we will make out of habit or what “feels “comfortable” rather than out of spiritual accountability to our higher self. Without que...
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Why Spiritual Awakening Happens: The Mind Dream

Do you ever wonder why spiritual awakening happens? Awakening is the process of “waking up” from the unconscious pattern of mind activity that adopts beliefs from society and from others that do not support the deeper part of who we truly are and why we came to this planet in the first place. Awakening is a process of recognizing that we exist as both a physical and a non-physical being at the same time. When we get lost in our thoughts on a continual basis, we come to believe that we only...
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The Power of Fear To Extinguish Our Physical Existence

Many people, including myself, can relate to feelings of anxiety. It would almost be impossible not to have experienced fear of one kind or another in our current unconscious societal beliefs. We hear messages daily that evoke responses of fear, but are we aware of what these responses are doing to our overall well-being? For one, when our mind thinks a fearful message, it is essentially sending a message to the brain of impending threat. The body interprets the threat to be real even when it...
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Taking back YOUR Power: Experience Calmness

https://youtu.be/DGAIgDeLBqQ Have you ever wondered why you feel easily triggered by other people’s reactions? Do you feel repeatedly upset with your reaction to what others say and do. If you answered yes to these questions, it is most likely that you feel dis-empowered…meaning that you don’t feel in control of your emotional reactions. This happens when we are disengaged from the present. When we are not aligned with the life force, which is the energy that aligns with the present moment...
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Will I Ever Find Happiness?

Do you wonder if you'll ever find happiness? People generally spend a lifetime searching for happiness in their physical reality only to experience moments of fleeting pleasure. This often launches a continued quest for a sense of happiness that truly lasts. Since only pleasure exists in our physical reality, people often mistake moments of pleasure for true happiness. In essence, these moments of pleasure do create feelings of satisfaction and short burst of happiness, but these feeli...
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It Is An Ordinary Day

  It is an ordinary day and yet an extraordinary day because it is the same day and different than any other day I have lived. I have the choice to make it an ordinary day filled with conditioned patterns and automatic thoughts. I also have the choice to make it an extraordinary day by deciding how I want it to be by setting a deliberate intention. The first choice involves reacting to the day’s circumstances. The second involves creating the day’s circumstances. Today, I will choose the seco...
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