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Becoming Conscious

Many people, including myself, are becoming conscious of the delusion that the ego self portrays in relation to our higher or true self. For one, the ego self is comprised of beliefs that have become thought forms governing our behavior regardless of their impact on our higher self.

This unconscious pattern, and it is a pattern, predicts certain life choices that we will make out of habit or what “feels “comfortable” rather than out of spiritual accountability to our higher self.
Without questioning, or becoming conscious of these conditioned thoughts and behaviors, we become like ‘drones’ following a cycle of beliefs that have been passed along to us without ever questioning the impact of this cyclic mentality on our overall spiritual health.

We often talk about health as if it includes everything, except spirituality, yet it has been my experience, that all imbalances originate first from spiritual discord. For example, you may experience mental or physical symptoms and call these outward manifestations depression or chest pains without ever questioning their origins. For example, in the first instance, at a deeper spiritual level, you might ask yourself when did you first give away your personal power, and in the second, what are you resisting that needs to change in your life?

Spiritual accountability is important because, without it, it is like we are lost in a forest without a compass. We don’t know why we are here or where we are going or even what makes us feel good.
I don’t know about you, but for me, this is an important question.

It’s one thing to direct others toward grocery stores that have fresh produce, or toward money investments that pay great dividends, and although these things may have their place of importance in our lives, I cannot think of anything more important than why we are here? Without an understanding of this, it would seem like someone dropped us onto the planet and told us to walk around until our bodies gave out.

For me, spiritual accountability is primary. It makes sense first to develop an understanding of my life’ s purpose in order to choose activities that align with that purpose so that my life feels meaningful. I’m imagining that many of you can also relate to this.

Being spiritually accountable means becoming conscious of aspects of yourself that are unconscious due to conscious fragmentation that happens during times when we have rejected parts of ourselves that we deem unacceptable to others and to society in general.

These unconscious aspects of ourselves remain “split off” from our consciousness until we learn ways to integrate them. This is where “spiritual accountability” becomes important because we are either going to make a commitment to this re-integration process, better known as ‘soul retrieval’ or we are going to choose to live unconscious patterns that disallow fragmented parts of our consciousness to align with the present.

If we choose the former, we move toward our expansion and contribute to the evolution of universal consciousness. If we choose the latter, however, we continue to live a painful loop of unconscious thoughts and behaviors that do not support our divinity.

So I ask you, what will you choose?


2 thoughts on “Becoming Conscious

  1. Thank you Elle for simplifying a conflict so insidious it is mostly overlooked and not understood, one that is the root of all others be they interpersonal or global. Readers, please share Elle’s unselfish efforts to enhance our lives!

    1. Thanks for your support Hugh and such an insightful comment! It is indeed very common for people to avoid suffering rather than to address it’s root cause.
      Feel free to share this blog with others whom you feel would benefit! Elle

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