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About Elle

Elle Bradley - Markham Psychotherapy & CounselingElle’s passion lies in the notion that thoughts create reality and that thoughts are the root of imbalances that affect a person’s spiritual evolution.

As a Psychotherapist, Elle has explored many aspects of human functioning that lead to suffering and imbalance.

She has discovered that all suffering originates in the subconscious mind as rigid belief systems that contradict one’s higher or divine self. This inner conflict causes many external issues that bring about suffering in the form of symptoms such as anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, physical pain and psychiatric conditions.

Following these discoveries, Elle began her own private practice in 2011 where she began integrating these notions into her practice.

She first discovered this in her own life when she began to wonder what the point to life was, when she, herself, was swept up in a routine of endless daily activities that left her soul starving for affection.

Elle took steps to rediscover her personal power by making difficult life changes that allowed her to begin her journey back to her inner self.

Today, Elle is dedicated to helping others rediscover their true power by helping them to integrate the discord between their personality self and their divine or true self.