The key to happiness is inner peace. Dalai Lama

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Elle’s passion lies in the notion that thoughts create reality and that thoughts are the root of imbalances that affect a person’s spiritual evolution. As a Psychotherapist, Elle has explored many aspects of human functioning that lead to suffering and imbalance. She has discovered that all suffering originates in the subconscious mind … More

There are many therapies available to deal with each individual circumstance.  Mindfulness, for example, is a concept designed to help individuals focus on present moment awareness with the intent of freeing him/herself from obsessive thoughts and compulsions. Mindfulness assists with controlling irrational or self defeating thoughts that lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, fear or unstable mood patterns and is used in practice to achieve mood stabilization. More on this

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Are you suffering from feeling like you are just existing with little to no pleasure in life?

Do you feel that you are in a constant state of anxiety?

Do you feel increased aches and pains for no particular reason? More

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